Life’s a Beach

We’ve gotten really lucky in Wellington the past few weekends with consistently beautiful spring weather. A couple weeks ago, Andy and I took Higgs out to Makara Beach on Wellington’s west coast. The southerlies were strong that day, so we wanted to go somewhere relatively sheltered.


It was a bit windier than we anticipated at first, but I was easily distracted by all the sea glass to be found. As we continued along the path hugging the shore, the wind calmed down. The views out over the Tasman Sea were glorious.


Higgs isn’t one to be upstaged by the view.


The water along this stretch of beach is incredibly clear.


We came across a huge rock that Andy decided to climb (I completely understand this impulse). Higgs wasn’t sure he approved.


“Silly human! Why are you up there?! I don’t see any cats or food up there!”


With his master back on ground level, Higgs was happy to continue exploring.

You can make out the wind farm in the background to the right. There are 62 windmills in all, and according to Meridian Energy, they generate enough electricity each year for about 62,000 New Zealand homes. At least all the wind is good for something!


The water was so inviting on such a warm and sunny day, but I know enough from having felt the ocean around here that looks can be deceiving. It may appear tropical in color, but it sure isn’t in temperature.


After some more Higgs teasing, Andy braved the shallows and actually waded in.



I watched from shore, blissfully dry until Higgs decided to come rub up against me. He had a lot to say about Andy making him go deeper than he would’ve preferred.


What a hard life.

We continued on a little further before turning back.


We found a great driftwood shelter and took turns posing with Higgsy.



This is what he thinks about self-timer shots, though.


“Why are you just standing still? What is wrong with you humans?!”

I think I may have discovered the road to Atlantis.



What an incredible spot, and only about a half-hour’s drive from central Welly.



We stopped at Makara’s sole cafe for coffee before taking the winding road back to Karori. As always, Andy humored me when I requested a pit-stop to photograph a dilapidated house.


Here’s Makara Beach on a map in relation to Wellington for those non-Kiwis out there (probably everyone reading this).

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.14.46 PM

Next up, Andy and I take on Mount Kaukau and Higgs takes on some cow cows.

5 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. Beautiful scenery as always, but it’s obvious that Higgs is the star of this post! And who knew you could take a train to Atlantis? Do you know the schedule?


    1. Higgs is always the star. He’s such a ham. I’ll have to check the Wellington public transit site to see if they have an Atlantis schedule.


  2. I think you should write a book called, “Higgs’ Guide to the Trails and Beaches of New Zealand.” It would be a big hit. You could pay his royalties in dog food or treats. It certainly looks like spring has sprung in Wellington. The best months are ahead.


    1. That would be a great guide, especially for people with dogs. Higgs doesn’t need any extra food or treats, though. He’s getting a little pudgy. I’m hoping to do a post on the Botanic Gardens soon to show all the spring blooms.


      1. Ooh. I look forward to that one; it sounds like a winner, Kelsey.


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