Hike in the Hutt

I’ve done a lot of blog posts covering my trips to various corners of New Zealand, but there’s so much around Wellington that deserves some attention too. The next couple posts will cover activities close to home, seeing as I do spend heaps more time here, after all.

A few weeks ago, my friends/coworkers and I did a day outing to the Hutt Valley for a Sunday hike. The Hutt, as it’s known, is composed of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt. Upper Hutt, where we were headed, is only about a half-hour drive from central Wellington. Emma, Brid, Melanie, Liam and I all set out in the early afternoon to tackle Cannon Point Walkway, which is part of the larger Akatarawa Forest. It’s more of a trail than a walkway, and was written up as being about a three-hour loop with great views and a picturesque dam.

We got lucky with some gorgeous weather and the trail started out in the best way possible, with a swing bridge.


The path went through dense bush and followed alongside a stream for a bit before we hit the dam.




Thanks to Emma for this next picture. As you can see, I wasn’t the only photographer on this outing. Liam and I made for a good photo op ourselves.


We took a side trail which turned out not to be much of anything besides a dangerously slippery slope, but the lakeside view was still quite nice.


The next part of the hike was uphill for a bit, but the ground evened out before too long and we were rewarded for our efforts.


We continued on along the ridge on a path that was more of a tunnel than anything else. It must be quite the task to maintain it against all the encroaching gorse.


Our ultimate destination was the Cannon Point Trig before we’d head back downhill and loop around to where we started. We got sneak peaks of the valley below as we continued along.



When we made it to the trig, the views out over the Hutt Valley were wonderful.




We hung around for a bit, enjoying the gorgeous day, and then began our descent. Part of the route back took us through an Upper Hutt neighborhood and nearby park. We happened across a sign marking the Wellington Fault, which runs through the Hutt Valley and right up into the city.


Let’s just hope it doesn’t act up any time soon, since it’s only one of multiple fault lines in this area.

We skirted the Hutt River before heading back through the forest to where we started our hike.



We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a group shot (or two) on the swing bridge before heading back to Wellington.



Definitely a successful outing! Now we just have to decide which trail to do next time, with countless options in the Wellington area.

Later that day, I had to bid my old flat farewell. It was a wonderful place, but I’m happy to now be in Karori with Andy (and Higgs) and hopefully sticking around for a while longer (fingers crossed on the visa front). I should know within the next several weeks, so send good thoughts my way!

So long, Brooklyn and your crazy, windy, wonderful views.



On to the next chapter! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hike in the Hutt

  1. Looks like a great outing. It’s amazing how close you are to so many great hikes and beautiful scenery. It looks like it’s time for you to write about Wellington for the Boston Globe. The hard part will be figuring out what to write with so many things to talk about.


    1. Once the visa is settled, that will be next on my list of things to do for sure. I’ll take suggestions!


  2. Good plan. Loved these photos, Kelsey. The greenery growing behind the waterfall was very cool.


    1. Thanks! I thought so, too. It looked like a rainbow.


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