The North Shore

To ensure Andy got the full New England experience, we decided to head to Massachusetts’ North  Shore. Anything north of Boston is considered “North Shore,” but we were headed for Plum Island in particular. An 11-mile long barrier island, it’s a designated nature preserve especially known for its birdlife and beaches.

On our way up (about an hour from Bolton), we drove through quite a bit of rain. As we passed into the nature preserve and drove towards the tip of Plum Island, though, it started to clear. We were left with some beautiful mist over the water.




We took a walk along the beach at the far end of Plum Island before turning around and heading to some of the viewpoints we’d passed on the way in. Another benefit of the temperamental weather was having the place mostly to ourselves.

While driving along the island’s byway, we spotted a turkey out the window.



Handsome chap.

We stopped and climbed a viewing platform for fabulous views of the coast and marshland spreading out beneath us. Of course, Andy was instantly attacked by a nasty greenhead fly. Their numbers have dwindled, but of course one sought him out. He managed to be a snack for most of America’s wee biting beasties. Must be that English blood.


There were plenty of geese and sandpipers, with a few egrets thrown in. This one is easy to spot.




After leaving Plum Island, we made for Rockport. This little seaside town is known for its cute shops, delicious lobster and wonderful beaches. I used to visit pretty often when I lived in Boston. On the way, we of course had to stop in at the famous Woodman’s for some fried clams, a Massachusetts seaside specialty.

Bearskin Neck, Rockport’s main touristy street, was our first stop once we made it into town and found a park.



The mist still clung to everything, making for some interesting photos.




On the side streets of Bearskin Neck, flowers covered everything in sight.



We made our way to what can only be referred to as Rockport’s little riviera.


Love this shot of Andy:




And we can’t forget the charming doors of Rockport!


We made one final stop at the beach before returning to our car.



Farewell, ye olde lovely seaside refuge for battered sailors and tourists alike.

Coming soon, we’ll make one more New England stop in Maine before jetting to California on the way back to NZ!

1 thought on “The North Shore

  1. Great, colorful post, Kelsey. Loved the misty Plum Island shots. Now I want to take a day-trip to Rockport. It’s been years since I’ve been there. It’d be worth the trip just to see the flowers. And then there’s Woodman’s…


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