The Pacific Northwest Coast

After our epic morning in the Hoh Rainforest, we headed west for some lunch and to explore the coastal beauty of Washington. Emerging from Olympic National Park, we drove to La Push, located on the Quileute Reservation. It’s a small seaside settlement, and there was just one spot for food. Again, we forgot all about American proportions and probably could’ve split one meal between the two of us, but our Reuben sandwiches and zucchini fritters were delicious.

Painfully full, it was time for a walk. The creatively named First, Second and Third Beaches all beckoned. We randomly chose Second Beach, since it had the most convenient pullover spot. The weather had turned a bit soggy, but the hike to the beach was fairly short and we were rewarded with stunning views and the place to ourselves.


To get to the sand, we had to scramble over a ton of huuuge fallen trees, like giant driftwood.



Then, I did some super awkward poses, because why not? I think this is supposed to say, “I’m being blown around by the wind” in some weird, robot sense.




Because it was so windy and wet, we didn’t stay long, but what a place! This is exactly how I pictured the Pacific Northwest coast.

We hopped back in the car and headed for Rialto Beach. For reference, this is the area of the Olympic Peninsula where we were:


Rialto was pretty deserted because of the weather, but the scenery was no less impressive.



Like Second Beach, there were lots of downed trees, many worn smooth by crashing waves.

The trees left standing also showed the effects of this wild coast.




All of a sudden, the sun came out and it was like an entirely new day.





We could’ve spent hours here, but our cozy little cabin in the rainforest beckoned, after having spent most of the day out and about.


Farewell, beautiful Rialto!


We stocked up on groceries in Forks and gladly returned to our sunny Bogie Bungalow.


The porch was one of our favorite spots, with views of the forest and rushing Bogachiel River. Every morning, I sat in one of the chairs with a blanket and cup of tea, and in the evenings we’d have a beer and read our books.



It was sadly too wet for a fire and the s’more ingredients our lovely host provided, but we still got to enjoy the front yard.



We pulled two chairs toward the river and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine while it lasted.



As the sun sank, we headed indoors and enjoyed a home-cooked meal and some beers from Propolis Brewing in Port Townsend. Yum!

The next day, we planned to explore Lake Quinault, further south on the peninsula. While the lake deserves a post all its own (or two), we did stop off at another glorious coastal spot en route, Ruby Beach.




The rain was unrelenting this day, but we came prepared and didn’t let it slow us down.


Nothing wrong with a little respite under a rock arch!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with us along a small portion of the gorgeous Washington coast. Stay tuned for our adventures around the unforgettable Lake Quinault, and so much more!


1 thought on “The Pacific Northwest Coast

  1. Those were really stark and stunning photos, Kelsey. The seafoam! Wow. And you two definitely made the most of that crazy coastal weather.


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