Home Is Ware the Heart Is

After our wonderful wedding day, we finally had some down time to just relax in Ware. It was the perfect time to explore my parents’ new place and truly appreciate all the work they’d put in to make the day extra special.


It was lovely to absorb all the details that we hadn’t had a chance to appreciate fully on our big day.

Flower arrangements came to life in the autumn sunshine.


And of course there was our wedding arch.


Can you spot the small doggo?


Ah, the lovely ceremony spot!


Time to explore further afield.


My parents put together a gorgeous Bridal Path, cut into the forest and decorated with all sorts of bits and pieces they already had or found. We got a lot of our professional wedding photos taken on this path, and it was great to revisit.


The fall foliage couldn’t have been more beautiful! You never know what it’s going to be like each year, since it’s influenced by weather and other factors, but we got very lucky this past October.



Yes, that’s a fly in the birdcage.

My mom even created some of the decorations herself, just for us.


Who would’ve thought you’d find a rare white kiwi in Massachusetts?

And the kiwi wasn’t the only bird hanging around.



Can you beat a love seat like this? This was another great photo spot on our wedding day.



My mom and the pups came out to explore too.



Farewell for now, charming Bridal Path.


In the garden, bees were going about their jobs.


And woolly-bear caterpillars were everywhere, biding their time before turning into tiger moths.


The views down the street really show the extent of the foliage.


What a spot!



It’s so nice having had our wedding at my parents’ house, since every time we go back we can relive the memories, like when my dad walked me down our front path and up the steps to meet Andy.


We also had some great nights at this fire pit out back.


Yellow and red winterberry bloomed on the eaves of the forest.


Time to relax and take in the stunning day, with all the planning behind us.


Inside, the dogs were wondering what all the fuss outside was for, and why they weren’t involved. Well, one of them was anyway.


My sweet pups!

Terrier terror Tazzy:


And beautiful Button:


Ah, tranquility.


Ware will always hold a special place in our hearts, now not only because my parents live there, but because we had the best day of our lives in this spot.

Stay tuned for much more fall foliage as we travel north to Franconia Notch, New Hampshire and then on to the Pacific Northwest for our honeymoon!

2 thoughts on “Home Is Ware the Heart Is

  1. Wow, Kelsey. The house and woods have never looked so beautiful as they do in your photos. The kiwi is now walking in the snow. I’m so glad you feel that this is home. It is an even more special place since you and Andy got married there.


  2. I echo your Daddio’s sentiments. Beautiful photos from a very special day. Mother Nature’s cooperation and you photography skills really went hand in hand to show it all off. I love this post. 💕 💕 💕


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