Our Wedding Day!

So October 11th was kind of a big deal. Andy and I had the wedding of our dreams and an epic party afterwards, all set in New England during the best time of year, fall (ok, autumn for you non-Americans)! The best part was having all our family there, from near and far. We really couldn’t have asked for anything more – it was low-key and so much fun. Come along as we relive the best day of our lives!

Our ceremony was held in the afternoon at my parents’ beautiful home in the forest in Ware, Massachusetts.


We weren’t sure what the weather would be like, with a storm looming in the forecast, but it ended up passing us by and the morning of the wedding, we decided we’d have it outside.

Our fabulous photographer Shelby, has given us a few sneak peaks of the photos to come, and we were lucky enough to have guests take some beautiful shots too.

At 3:30, it was time to cue the instrumental Jurassic Park Theme and send our flower (or in this case, leaf) girls, Elizabeth and Tierney, down the aisle.

The time had come! My dad and I rounded the corner as he escorted me to Andy, waiting on the porch. These photos are some of my favorites.

My best friend Jen was our officiant, and I couldn’t have imagined anyone better for the job.


I won’t go into too much detail on the ceremony, but it was exactly what we had hoped for. We had some sweet yet funny readings, done by my mom and Andy’s mom Jayne. Jen wrote a really heartfelt intro for us, and we even tied in some NZ native birds. It was all topped off with our vows, exchanging rings (they fit!), some “I dos” and a handfasting ceremony. Can you tell how happy we are from the smiles in this photo?


The rain did make a brief appearance as the ceremony ended, of course just as Here Comes the Sun started up while we walked back down the aisle. Our flower girls followed us as Elizabeth quipped, “Look! They just kissed AGAIN!” and “I can’t wait to get this dress off!” Couldn’t ask for better comedic relief on our big day. Erin, I can’t thank you enough for your help so we could have your girls be a part of something we hope they’ll remember as fondly as we always will.

As you may have noticed, Higgs also made an appearance. We couldn’t have our wedding without him!

After the ceremony, it was time for more photographs. While Shelby orchestrated all the different groupings and Jen and Chris deftly herded people about, we had time to catch up with everyone.

We posed for photos from every foreseeable angle, grinning ear to ear. See?

With the perfectly-timed foliage (we really got so lucky!) as a backdrop, Shelby photographed us all around the property. Who needs to find another shooting location when your parents live somewhere like this?


Can’t forget our rings!


With sunset approaching, it was time to say farewell to everyone for about an hour as we prepared to head to Old Sturbridge Village’s Bullard Tavern for our reception/partaaaay! And the time finally came. We entered into the old tavern, fire roaring and craft beer chilling.

Donuts were there! Higgs was there! Everyone we love was there! It was amazing! Even the New England buffet was incredible, and mmmm that pie. Andy and my dad both made amazing speeches, and after that we dispensed with tradition and just had a grand old time.


I love the different perspectives from all our guests’ photos. Of course we couldn’t be in every place at once, so it makes me smile seeing all these little moments throughout the night.

Note to self: never get between Aidan and apple cider donuts.


It was around this time that my Aunt Jill took the night from really great to whoah-this-s***-is-epic with one small addition – masks. Andy and Kelsey quickly became Elvis and Marilyn.

And so, so much more! In fact, has anyone you know had such a star-studded wedding?

Even Higgs got in on the action.

I know there are tears at a lot of weddings, and I’m happy to say that most of ours were tears of laughter! It was time to put these masks to the test on the dance floor.


One of the highlights of the night was breaking it down with my hilarious aunts. I won’t post the dancing video, but I’ll never forget those moves!

Andy and I hadn’t planned a first dance, but we did almost get tricked into one as Can’t Help Falling in Love came on.  Luckily, everyone joined us on the dance floor and our epic playlist carried us through the night.


Flogging Molly was definitely a high point when everyone broke out their entirely unexpected Irish step-dancing moves. I’m looking at you, Chris Huxley!

Even Elizabeth joined her grandma on the dance floor.


We really gave it our all for classics like Cotton Eye Joe and the Cha-Cha Slide.


As the night neared its end, it was time for some classic anthems to send us off into the night, so of course Toto was played. Who do you think we are?! My cousin Dan managed to get some epic shots of the group belting our hearts out.

And with that, it was time to say goodnight to everyone and wrap up the best day Andy and I have ever had. Thank you to each and every person who was there to party with us, there in spirit and there across the world in NZ waiting to celebrate with us when we returned home. The amount of love we felt on our big day was beyond description, and we are so lucky to both now have one giant family, brought together in New England, with bonds forged over shared stories, shared drinks and one big epic shared celebration of two damn happy folks!

Merry wedding to all, and to all a good night.


2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day!

  1. This is so perfect, Kelsey. The words and the pictures capture the epic day so well. And the final photo is just the right ending. We all had such a great time celebrating the two of you.


  2. What a beautiful summary of your special day and looks like fun was had by all.


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