Plimmerton Paradise

After finishing the Taua Tapu Track, Higgs and I had an hour or so to kill before Andy would be picking us up.

First off, back to that view!



I had to pull out my telephoto lens for some shots of Mana Island and the South Island rising behind.


I’d seen a path off the road on the way up, and decided we’d see where it went on our way down.


It turned out really cool, though I’m definitely glad we were going downhill – there were a LOT of steps!


“Mom! Hurry up!” Everything is easier when you have four legs.


It felt like a canopy walk, as we descended deeper into the lush green forest.


There was plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine.


And the incredible bush surrounding us.



We emerged onto a residential street, and found a nice park nearby to stop at for lunch. Someone was super keen to try a bit of my pita.


After slathering on more sunscreen, for the one of us not covered in hair, we were off to the coast.

Ah, sweet relief!


It’s a little cold for my liking, even in summer, but Swedish doggos feel right at home.


As always, Higgs got quite a few smiles and laughs from passersby.

I’ve never been this far up the coast in Plimmerton, past the boating club, so it was nice to explore new spots.


Hard to believe this was a mid-winter day!


Not to be overlooked, Higgsy hopped right into the frame for some model shots. This must be the Vallhund equivalent of a vacation photo showing someone relaxing in an infinity pool.




Hongoeka Bay looked beautiful in the sunshine. If we’d had more time, I’d love to continue up the coast to Paekakariki, although I think it’s a really rocky trek.


The South Island peaks looked almost a stone’s throw away on such a clear day.


Spotting a pop of red, I jumped at the photo op. Can’t beat a colorful boat on the beach.


Hongoeka Marae is situated right on the shores of the stunning bay, and I can’t think of a more beautiful spot!



I decided this was the best spot to turn around so we could head back toward town to meet Andy, even though it was tempting to keep exploring.


En route back to central Plimmerton, I noticed lots of small beachy touches on the seaside homes. I’d love to have a spot here one day!


For now, we’re lucky to have all of this only about 20 minutes away.


I can’t get enough of Norfolk pines – they always look too symmetrical and straight to be real, like the fake telephone pole trees back in the US.


Both of us took time to appreciate the view. 🙂



Looking toward Plimmerton and Titahi Bay in the distance, I fit in some final snaps with the wide-angle lens before our trusty steed Gracy rounded the bend.



Farewell for now, Plimmerton! Thanks for a great sunny day and some awesome hilltop and seaside adventures.

2 thoughts on “Plimmerton Paradise

  1. Pretty perfect place, that Plimmerton! Is Mana a sanctuary, I wonder? Gorgeous shots. Higgs is a total bathing beauty.


  2. I’m at a loss now for adjectives to describe your photos, New Zealand and Higgs. Just incredible beauty at every turn. You are one lucky woman, and Higgs is one lucky dog.


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