Petone: Pier Bliss

Petone, about a 15-minute drive from Wellington along the harbor, is a great spot for a seaside wander. With a big beach and pier, we often take Higgs here for a romp, or meet friends on the main street for a meal. It’s about halfway between where we live and the city, so it’s a great spot to catch up with people, which is exactly what I did a couple Sundays ago.

I decided to go early to make use of my telephoto lens, thinking I might get some decent bird shots. I want to make more of an effort to expand my subject matter and continue to learn about my camera. Turns out, there were more people than birds, but subject matter was nonetheless plentiful. On a clear day, the views of Wellington across the harbor are fabulous.


Matiu Somes Island, previously a POW camp and quarantine stop, but now a nature reserve, seemed so close.


More to come on Somes soon, in a blog about my adventures with Emma the following weekend.

One of my favorite parts of Petone is the long pier.


Looking the other way toward Eastbourne, seemingly endless hills frame the Orongorongo Valley.


If you’re after some driftwood, look no further than the Petone foreshore.



The clouds over Wellington looked hungry, like they were about to take a bite out of the blue sky.


Some bright pink Hebe (Hebes?) also caught my eye.


I meandered toward the pier, enjoying the ever-changing view.



Petone’s beachfront hosts a wide range of structures, from the quaint Settlers Museum to the popular cafe, Seashore Cabaret. There’s also quite a few weather-beaten buildings thrown in, which I can never resist photographing. I like that Petone’s beachfront hasn’t been monopolized by cheesy boardwalk shops, like many other places would be.


I couldn’t help photographing this cute couple on the pier, momentarily alone amidst the crowds.



Time to stroll down the pier!



Like Wellington, Petone has stunning views in every direction.



In true NZ fashion, the weather was going through another shift, and the sky turned increasingly moody.



Looking across the water at State Highway 1, hugging the coast to Wellington, blue skies still held out.



The harbor was perfectly still, great for rowing. I wouldn’t have minded hopping in on a kayak!


I met Siobhan and Emma for a delicious brunch and a walk through Petone. On our way back toward the shore, an icy breeze blew in, one of Wellington’s infamous southerlies. These are the winds that comes straight from Antarctica, unhindered by any land masses before reaching Wellington, and boy can a stiff southerly change the weather in an instant!


Now go back to that photo of the rower for a second. These pictures are only about two hours apart – the temperature had dropped several degrees and the harbor was studded with whitecaps.


What may be a bit blustery for some becomes a great sailing day for others.



Flocks of oystercatchers perused the foreshore for, you guessed it, oysters. So I did get one bird shot after all!



I hope you enjoyed this trip closer to home. NZ has so much to offer, but I often don’t bring my camera to the nearby spots. Looking at these photos makes me realize just how beautiful even the “usual” places are in Middle Earth!

Up next, stunning Somes Island with Emma. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Petone: Pier Bliss

  1. Love the changing weather, good old Welly. I must try some black and white shots, have a few I think migh do well


  2. Looks like such an interesting place. And just a short drive away. Love the water and cloud shots. I want some of that driftwood.


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