Charming MV

Back to the lovely Vineyard de Martha! After our soggy hike, we headed to the small village of Menemsha to wander around and grab some fresh seafood for a big late lunch back at our cottage. When you picture a quaint little New England seaside town, I think Menemsha is the embodiment of what comes to mind.


Nothing says coastal Massachusetts quite like some weathered shingles.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter gas station in my life.


Menemsha also had sculptures to offer…


And “Squid Row,” which was clearly dreamed up by someone’s dad.


While we waited for our lobster and steamed clams to be cooked up, we explored town, which considering the size of Menemsha, didn’t take long.

We popped in a couple cool shops and lurked outside Larsen’s Fish Market, practically slobbering with anticipation.


If you forgot we were in America, there’s a flag around nearly every corner to remind you! After living elsewhere, you realize that the omnipresence of Old Glory isn’t something that other countries do with their own flags. All this from the girl who bought American flag leggings… I know.


Lobster and clams acquired, we hopped in the car and were back to our cottage for a fabulous feast on the deck.

Yum! I should’ve eaten dinner before writing this blog.

That afternoon, we decided to head into Oak Bluffs, the main hub of Martha’s Vineyard, known for its shops, architecture and loads of rich folks.


This pink and blue masterpiece is the home of preppy bros from all corners of coastal New England, Vineyard Vines. Among other things, they sell overpriced coral-colored shorts emblazoned with tiny lobsters, which pair nicely with a glass of expensive rosé (brosé?) and probably some rugby on the beach with guys called Tad and Skip. Ok, ok, no offense to anyone who owns some Vineyard Vines! I did almost buy a hat there.

The menfolk dipped into a local pub while my mom and I browsed a seemingly endless row of shops for souvenirs. Finding something small (that won’t break and can also clear biosecurity) to take home to NZ is surprisingly difficult!


After joining the guys for a drink, we all decided to walk around and have a look at the incredible houses of Oak Bluffs.


Nearing sunset, the light was stunning over the town green.


Andy decided to photobomb my garden photo, and my brother then got us back by doing the same for our couple shot.


Time for a Fly Fam photo! Luckily, everyone behaved for this one.


Leaving behind Ocean Park, we strolled along some back streets. Every house had something unique to offer.


Colorful gardens complimented equally colorful gingerbread homes.




It felt strange photographing people’s homes, but I’m sure they’re very accustomed to it by now. After all, if I made that much of an effort, I’d take it as a compliment.

Oak Bluffs even has an octagonal church, since it clearly had to compete for attention with so many epic homes.


I don’t have any photos from our last full day, since we spent it body-surfing, face-planting into sand and eating more seafood. The next morning, it was sadly time to head back to the mainland. I had to get a couple photos of our cute cottage before saying farewell.



My favorite part of this property had to be the wineberry bushes out back. While I thought they were just really perfect looking raspberries at first, they’re actually a different Asian species to the ones we normally grow.

Let’s just say they didn’t last long after being picked.

After driving to the ferry terminal, we had some time to kill before boarding. More exploring!


Black Dog, a well-known clothing store which originated in Martha’s Vineyard and features, you guessed it, a black dog, even has its own boat.

Beware the dreaded Captain Blacklab!

My telephoto lens is also great at taking paparazzi pictures, apparently.


The tabloids weren’t interested in buying this photo, for some reason.

One of my faves for last, I love this army of boats anchored offshore.


Back in Palmer, I made sure we got a group photo before Aidan headed back up to Vermont. Little did I know, my memory card only had room for one more picture, and it happened to come out perfectly! Even the dogs are posing.


Love it! That about sums up a perfect vacation in the good old U S of A. This time next year, we’ll be headed back for our wedding. 🙂

Stay tuned for some springtime adventures back in Middle Earth.

2 thoughts on “Charming MV

  1. Those house photos from Oak Bluffs are great. Very nice assortment. And you made my mouth water with all the seafood reminiscing. I really like that last shot of the family, with no one’s eyes closed and no butt-forward dogs. Amazing!


  2. You captured the trip perfectly, Kelsey. We had such a great time. For all the tourists and souvenir shops (and Skips and Tads), there’s still a lot of beauty and charm on MV.


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