Berry Good to be Home

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a blog update. With winter in full swing, a big trip to the US and planning for my best friend’s wedding, my camera sat lonely and neglected for months. Luckily, I did bring it along when I made the long journey back to Massachusetts, so I’ve got plenty of photos for the near future. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

In July, after a looong trip (Wellington –> Auckland: 1 hour, Auckland –> LA: 13 hours, LA –> Boston: 6 hours), I finally had my feet on New England soil again. First things first, my parents and I stopped at a great roadside spot to grab lobster rolls. Yum! Can’t beat summer in Massachusetts.

On my first full day at home, we set out to explore the grounds of Mount Holyoke College with the pups.


It was pretty hot, so luckily a lot of the walk was shaded.


There were plenty of perfect spots for doggos to cool off, and Taz jumped right in. I was tempted to join him.


One of my favorite spots on campus is the dam, which looks beautiful in any season, though I think autumn might be the best.


Walking across the dam, the pond looked lovely and oddly still after growing used to Wellington wind.

The architecture on campus is impressive, and it was great to just wander around and have a look, especially since it was so quiet with most students gone for summer.



We made for the gardens next.


Of course we had to pop in to see the greenhouses, so my dad and the pups patiently waited outside.



The best part was the succulent room. So many cacti!



Even the outside of the building was photo-worthy.


Time to get back to the trio waiting for us in the shade.


I love how everyone is looking.

Back on a wooded path, it was time to water the dogs.



After a good walk we were starting to feel the heat, so we hopped in the car and drove to my grandma’s house. My uncle Karl had saved a special treat for me, tons of ripe raspberries to pick (ok, I ate like half straight off the bush).



This is what heaven looks like, a sunny patch of ripe raspberries, surrounded by family and dogs.

Button is also a big fan of berries of all sorts…


Who could resist that face?

Both dogs also tried their chances with my mom.


Taz had time to do what a jack russell does best, search for small rodents in woodpiles.


I’ve always loved my grandparents’ backyard – so many memories running around up here as a kid.


Here’s the loot, which my mom turned into a fantastic dessert. She’s learned from experience that it’s better to use them before I eat them all, which was my favorite pastime as a child when we had a big berry patch in Connecticut. Well, not much has changed really.


While I got far more photos of berries than people it seems, the best part of the day was visiting my grandpa at the Soldiers’ Home and spending time with my grandma and uncle.

Love my family! Stay tuned for many more stateside adventures as Andy joins us and we head up to Burlington, Vermont next.

1 thought on “Berry Good to be Home

  1. We had so much fun. Ready to relive the trip with you.


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