Wine Not?

On our last evening on Waiheke Island, a Saturday, the four of us set out early for dinner. We’d booked in at Casita Miro, which is an amaaazing Gaudi-themed vineyard and tapas restaurant. Andy and I stopped there for a glass of wine on our last visit, but we wanted to come back for a meal.

Since we had a while before dinner, we decided to stop at Obsidian for a tasting first. Little did we know that the bus would drop us off at the bottom of a massive hill. Ah well, the views were great!



This is Onetangi Beach. Beautiful!



I wouldn’t mind staying in a bach on this stretch next time around. It’s a bit further out, but definitely worth it.


And then, we conquered the hill.


You can see the hazy Coromandel Peninsula jutting along the far horizon in this one:


Luckily, we didn’t have far to go before reaching Obsidian.


We tasted a nice range of delicious wines before setting off on the vineyard path that would take us to nearby Casita Miro.


Here it is up on top of the hill behind me and Andy.



Ah, that view!


We were pretty early for our reservation, so we got a pitcher of sangria and sat out back.



The sangria, of course, went wayyy too fast.

Finally, it was time to head inside for our meal.


There aren’t any pictures of the meal itself, since we were too busy enjoying the fabulous tapas plates, wine and churros with chocolate for dessert. Yum!

After the meal, we had a chance to relax outside before our taxi arrived. The evening light was perfect.



It really does feel like we just stepped into Tuscany or somewhere similar. I love how New Zealand seems to have a little bit of everything. The surprises never end.




Farewell (for now), Casita Miro and Waiheke Island!


The next morning, we took the ferry back to Auckland and Andy I flew home to Wellington while Jayne and Ian got their rental car and began their road trip down to eventually meet us.

Up next, Christmas in Martinborough! Yes, we seemed to have a bit of a wine theme.

2 thoughts on “Wine Not?

  1. Yep, just another beautiful, wine-fueled adventure in paradise, with a little Gaudi to top it off. My turn is coming soon. Ready to be among the vines.

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  2. Yes, we are definitely primed for our visit. Beautiful shots, Kelsey. Those vineyards are out of this world.


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