Wine-heke Island

Back to paradise! After a morning touring wineries, we stocked up on supplies for dinner, dropped them off at our bach, and made for Goldie Estate. Andy and I wanted to show Jayne and Ian this fabulous vineyard with spectacular views after having visited on our last holiday. Most places close around 4 pm, so we wanted to get a chance to enjoy the property before then.


We each got a glass of wine and headed to the top of the hill, the best spot in the house!



Sitting in the shade of a massive pohutukawa, sipping wine and looking at this view… Rough, right?


We were fortunate to have very little company at this time of day on a Friday. It sure beat the American tour group that showed up last time Andy and I were here. I’ll never forget one man saying, “Wow, what a view,” to which is wife replied, “I’ve seen better!” Really?



I just can’t get enough of this epic tree.



The contrast of the red flowers and green vineyards is perfect.


I took this hilltop opportunity (hilltopportunity?) to get a photo of me and Andy. Of course, he decided to snatch the hat off my head mid-shot. Good thing I’m both used to it and happen to love him.




We decided to head back down and grab one more glass before the winery closed for the afternoon.


Look who I found in the vines…


Oh, it’s just Andy.


After savoring our delicious vino to the last drop, we said goodbye (for now) to Goldie’s and began the walk back to our house.


Goodbye, majestic tree!


We had a lovely relax evening and home-cooked meal that night before turning in.

The next day dawned sunny and beautiful yet again, so we decided to take a walk to Palm Beach in the morning. It was even more breathtaking than I remembered.



Ahhh, that water!


The ocean was pretty chilly, but Andy braved it as usual. I eventually fought through the ankle/foot pain and was able to wade around too. None of us had brought our swimsuits on the walk, so the knees were about the limit.




Last time, we’d been over to the adjacent beach, but the tide was too high this time of day. Instead, we explored the rocky shoreline.



Another massive pohutukawa stole the show here, looming over the rocky cove from its perch atop the cliffs.



“Don’t drop my camera.”


After exploring, we made our way into “town,” which is just a small dairy (general store). We got some pies to bring back for lunch, and ice cream to have on the walk. Yum!



Stay tuned for our evening adventure out to Casita Miro for a faaabulous dinner and some wandering amongst the vines.

2 thoughts on “Wine-heke Island

  1. Can you find Goldie? I really don’t know what to say anymore about your pictures and adventures. Just one beautiful tree, scene, beach, bay, road, glass of wine and vineyard after another. The perfect tonic for a cold-about-to-snow day in New England.


  2. I treated this one as a little preview of our visit. So gorgeous. I particularly liked the shots of you in the rocky gorge – though the beach scenes are just incredible. Looking forward to that next post!


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