Rockin’ Out

After a grand tour through the UK and USA, we’ve finally arrived back in New Zealand! Andy and I laid low for a bit, recovering from five weeks of excessive food and drink. We couldn’t stay still for too long, though, so we planned a weekend trip to Castlepoint in September. Luckily, this is the time of year when spring makes an appearance and the weather starts to improve(ish).

You may remember my post from last year, when Andy first introduced me to Castlepoint. What an awesome spot! We decided to head back to the same exact bach by the seaside, Alfie’s, since Higgs is also welcome and it’s a bargain at $100 a night. Can’t lose!

We left Wellington on Friday morning, stopping on the way for some food and snacks to last us the weekend. When we arrived at Alfie’s, we settled in and took a walk along the beach before setting off on an evening seaside drive up the coast.

On Saturday, we made for Castle Rock first thing. It’s still one of the coolest places I’ve had the fortune to visit in NZ, and I couldn’t wait to go back. The weather was on our side, too.


Someone wasn’t keen to wait on me, though…


Nothing a good cuddle couldn’t solve.


My two handsome guys!


Even though it was our second time doing this hike, the views were just as jaw-dropping as the first time around. Wow! This really could never get old.


I’m lucky these two are (usually) patient enough to wait for me while I take pictures. Like most dogs, Higgs ends up doing double the distance on any hike by going back to check on me. Andy, not so much.


Look at these two surveying their domain.



We made it to the top and had the whole place to ourselves. I think Higgs probably believes he still owns Castle Rock, since he did pee all over it last time.


The Wairarapa coastline is just too stunning for words. Yes, this is how the colors ACTUALLY look to the naked eye.




This next photo shows the view towards Castle Point Lighthouse (yeah, the town is Castlepoint, one word, but the lighthouse is Castle Point, two words. Hmmm). It looks so tiny from this vantage point, but you should be able to spot it at the tip of that curve of rock stretching out into the distance.


Had to look back, for good measure.


We then made our way down so Higgs (and Andy) could get a chance to romp in the ocean. Here’s my buddy running back to check on me.


Good boy, Higgs.

We ended up finding some fossils in the cliffs on our way down, which was pretty awesome. Higgs wasn’t too pleased with the detour, but he was a good sport.


At last, the beach!




Higgs was loving it. Andy was loving it. I was loving it. Look at these reflections!



This is Deliverance Cove, named by the crew of a ship that found shelter from a storm here in the 19th century. Definitely don’t blame them!


Two best mates:


And Higgs did what he does best, barking in the sea.



Cheeky beast.


On that cute note, I’ll leave the rest for part two. Come back soon for our trek up to Castle Point Lighthouse and some adventures in Waiohine Gorge, including a massive swing bridge not for the faint of heart!

2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Out

  1. What a beautiful place. I loved your pirctures the first time and just as much now. Can’t get enough of the salty dog.


  2. That’s a great closing close-up of His Highness Higgs. The other shots weren’t too shabby either, but Higgs just keeps stealing the show. The one of him with his rear legs on Andy’s lap is a riot. And him caught mid-bark. All funny. What a beautiful place. I don’t blame you for going back. Aidan would love it, too, with fossils to find.


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