Karori Glory

Where were we? Ah yes, Higgs and I were making our way through Otari-Wilton’s bush, enjoying the beautiful afternoon. We came upon the signposted 800-year-old rimu tree that towers over the surrounding native forest. Here’s a view of its majestic branches.


This tree now belongs to Higgs, since he peed on it. I’m sure many dogs have over the years, but don’t tell that to Higgs.

We continued upward along the blue trail, one of my favorites in Otari-Wilton’s. It winds up and down through the forest, over roots and under the branches of massive native trees.


This tree isn’t the largest or oldest by any means, but I love the way it dominates the forest, its branches reaching out toward the surrounding smaller trees. It definitely would’ve been an ent in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Higgs and I couldn’t have picked a better time of day in terms of lighting, with the slanting sunshine illuminating the bush like an enchanted forest. It seemed even more magical than it normally does, which is saying something.




We soon came to a fork in the path which would lead us to the Skyline Trail. Since it was such a beautiful day and we weren’t in any particular hurry, we took off in that direction. Before long, we were in the middle of the gorgeous pine forest that skirts the hilltop pastures of the Skyline Trail. Higgs loves doing his crazy pig-dog runaround in the cushy pine needles that carpet the forest floor.



Before long, we emerged into bright hilltop sunshine and headed up the path that intersects with the Skyline Trail. I immediately glanced around for cows, not wanting another Vallhund/bovine run-in. There was one not far off, so Higgs and I took a slight detour. Higgs did find enough time to chomp on some fresh cow patties, though. Gross! I keep telling myself that he’s trying to become his enemy so he can one day defeat his bovine nemeses.

Further along the path, we did come across a few cows, but they were luckily a ways off the trail. They stared menacingly at Higgs from their hilltop, obviously having heard of his recent exploits chasing their brethren.


Not a cloud was in sight on this stunning autumn afternoon. Wellington weather has been incredible this year!



The view out over the Makara Wind Farm was wonderful, with countless wind turbines studding the distant hilltops.


It was tricky to get good shots with such a great contrast between bright sky and darker foreground, but it’s always beneficial to learn new things about my camera in different conditions.

Karori stretched out in all its glory below me, and from above its easy to see why it holds the title of New Zealand’s largest suburb.


I was so distracted by the view that I totally missed two cows right off the path. Higgs alerted me to their presence by growling, and we quickly moved on. They’re usually happy to just munch on grass, but I’d rather not test them when it comes to a vicious little herding dog.


We continued along the hilltops, since I had a particular way down in mind. I love the Skyline Trail because there are seemingly endless options and combinations of trails to take. Each outing is an adventure.




There were more amazing views of Karori further down the trail. It really is an awesome place to live.




Before heading back down into Karori, I decided to get a picture of my furry companion and myself. Said furry companion was more patient than normal since we were more than two hours into our trek.


Love that little beast.

As we wound downhill, I glanced up to see that we had a keen spectator. Luckily, she/he was above a certain Vallhund’s line of sight.


Safe for now, little kitty.

Higgs and I made our way along the side streets of Karori as night encroached, so early this time of year. Not a bad three-hour excursion with my favorite hiking buddy. When Andy finishes up his PhD, maybe you’ll see some pictures of him again. Thanks for joining me!



1 thought on “Karori Glory

  1. Cats and dogs and cows, oh my. So many beautiful pictures, Kelsey, from forest to field. Thanks for taking us along with you and Higgs.


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