Paremata Part 2

Picking up where I left off, Andy and I were thoroughly enjoying our time housesitting in Paremata. On Sunday morning, we took the dogs out for an early morning walk.


They promptly got their leashes tangled.


After sorting that out, we headed off the road onto a path through the woods. Having been up here quite a few times, Andy knew his way around.




The path was beautiful in the morning sun.


We looped around and ended up walking along Pauatahanui Inlet on the way back.


I love the hills that ring the inlet, and I can easily imagine how wonderful it would be to live on the shore here. I’d even happily settle for being within walking distance.



I wouldn’t be opposed to a house like one of these…


After we got back to the house, we let the dogs do their own thing outside. Turns out, they were more interested in watching us through the door.


That shot couldn’t have turned out better if I’d planned it.

We went shopping at the Tawa Outlets (amazing place!) and hung around the house for the afternoon, enjoying yet another beautiful day.

As afternoon became evening on our last day in Paremata, we decided to do another short walk with views over the inlet. Again, Andy knew just the place.


I am now doing my best to suggest to Andy that when he buys a house, it should be somewhere near here.



And what is any series of photos without a good tree shot?


It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening, but it wasn’t easy knowing we’d soon have to say goodbye to this gorgeous spot. It was fun pretending we lived out here for a few days.

This next photo shows the boundary between Pauatahanui Inlet and Porirua Harbour, which opens into the Tasman Sea.


We followed the path down to sea level and walked along the inlet before heading back up the road to the house.



We left early the next morning to head back into Wellington before work. Higgs said farewell to his dear friend Effie, and we drove toward Karori as dawn unfolded. Back to the real world, but who can complain when the real world is still New Zealand?? I have a feeling we’ll be back in Paremata very soon.

4 thoughts on “Paremata Part 2

  1. I love all the pictures, but the one of Higgs and Effie looking through the door is the best. All in all, though, it is such a beautiful place. The light in your shots is especially good this time.


  2. That tree has a man-bun.


  3. I will be back to NZ some day, with my husband and two boys in tow. I will be in touch for pointers and suggestions! The dog picture is hysterical and a house in Paremata sounds like a good plan!


    1. Sounds good! I’d be happy to give suggestions, although the hard part is narrowing it all down with NZ. Maybe I’ll have a house in Paremata by then. One can dream!


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