Walking Wellington

With Christmas fast approaching, Andy and I (and Higgs) have been exploring closer to home. In the new year, I’ll have some posts covering spots further afield, but I think you’ll enjoy this bunch.

A couple weekends ago, Andy and I headed out to Eastbourne to make the trek to Pencarrow Head and its twin lighthouses, one old and one new(er). I did a blog on Pencarrow a few months ago, but it was a lot more fun this time around with a boyfriend and Vallhund to accompany me.

We knew it might be a bit windy, but it seemed tame enough as we began the walk.



Numerous signs made it clear that all dogs should be leashed on this trail. If they are caught running free, the signs warned, they will be “destroyed.” Harsh.

Soon enough, we came face to face with the bleating reason that these signs are in place.


Yup. Lucky Higgs was on his leash or those sheep may have been “destroyed.”

After just over an hour of walking, we made it around the final bend, and the wind battered us fiercely as we neared the newer lighthouse. It was built in 1906 to replace the older hilltop light from 1858.


It provided a much needed respite from the northerly gusts.


Higgs got a bit bored with sitting still…


We weren’t quite ready to head back into the wind yet, though.



I really loved this spot and the view looking up at the whitewashed light, ringed by a halo of sunlight.



Higgs was getting restless, so we decided it was time to head back into the wind that had picked up quite a bit since we began the walk. It’s always more noticeable when you’re walking into it, of course.

Farewell, lovely lighthouse.



I didn’t take any pictures on the walk back, since Andy and I were too busy leaning into the strong wind and struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Higgs barely noticed. Being so low to the ground does have its advantages.

The round-trip trek was around 13 km (8 miles) and we certainly got a workout with that wind. Well worth it on a beautiful day, though.

Last weekend, we did another outing to Trelissick Park, which winds through a gorge in the suburb of Ngaio, not far from Karori. I’d taken Higgs here on one of our outings while I was off work, but I could never get sick of this spot.

We started off with Higgs’ favorite activity, hiding in, chomping on and running through long grass.


Next up, a dip in the river.



He didn’t see it coming when Andy decided to give him a toss into deeper water. As much as Higgs loves wading, he always avoids going deep enough to swim. He didn’t get a choice this time…




Pooooor soggy doggy. The humans got a good laugh, though.

He didn’t trust Andy near water for the rest of the walk.


I love how sheltered this trail is, with gorge walls rising on all sides.



We made it to the far end of the park, where ruins from an 1870s gunpowder magazine still stand. For New Zealand, this is ancient.





You would think Higgs might’ve run out of energy by this point, but he turned into a mad dog and started running laps and rolling around.



He also took the time to jump up to human level and have a private moment with his dad.


We began the walk back, and Higgs got to chase some dogs like the giant beast he is at heart.


I’ll leave you with this shot of a tui, the quintessential Kiwi bird (besides the actual kiwi). I hope everyone reading this has a lovely holiday season, and thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog! Can’t wait to take you along on all the adventures 2016 has in store.


2 thoughts on “Walking Wellington

  1. Happy holidays, Kelsey! I love reading your blog and your pictures are always stunning. I can’t wait to visit New Zealand again.


    1. Thanks so much, Eileen! Happy holidays to you too 🙂


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