“Up!”: Higgs on Things

It’s about time Higgs had a blog all his own. This life really is The Higgs Show, and Andy and I are just extras, after all.

Higgs has mastered the command of “up,” and jumps on all sorts of things when told (and sometimes of his own accord). Occasionally, he’s not feeling it, so I just place him on said things.

Here’s a story of a little dog with a big heart, and his journey to stand atop things large and small.

Here is Higgs, on a bridge that swings. This is his least favorite of things.


Here is Higgs, at a park with his dad. Here is Higgs, being rad.


Here is Higgs, surveying his domain. Here is a dog that can’t complain.


Here is Higgs, on a bean bag chair. What’s he looking at, over there?


Here is Higgs, on the stump of a tree. Here is Higgs, with a bendy knee.


Here is Higgs, on an epic seat. Sorry, Higgs, I don’t have a treat.


Here is Higgs, up in a tree. Here is Higgs, feeling free.


Here is Higgs, on a seaside log. Higgs is an awfully goofy dog.


Here is Higgs, on a trip to the Hutt. No, he’s not “some type of mutt.”


Here is Higgs, plus a friend. More than one can follow this trend.


Here is Higgs, where he was placed. He refused to look at my face.


Here is Higgs, on a bench in spring. Here is a pup who’s always king.


Here is Higgs, in a ruin. Hey there, Higgs, what you doin’?


Here is Higgs, enjoying the view. Can he make room for a human, too?


Here is Higgs, looking for rats, second only to chasing cats.


Here is Higgs, with his adoptive mum. On a day like this, who could be glum?


Here is Higgs, full of joy. Higgs is such a funny boy.


Here is Higgs, on top of a hill. This little dog knows the drill.


Here is Higgs, on Andy’s leg. Please stop your game, his eyes beg.


Here is Higgs, on a chair in the yard. This Vallhund life is far too hard.


Here is Higgs, with a cat on a grave. It was stone, but he felt quite brave.


Here is Higgs, in his favorite spot. Going on a walk is his only thought.


Here is Higgs, at Otari-Wilton’s Bush. For this shot, I had to give him a push.


Here is Higgs, on the roots of a tree, just before he decided to flee.


Here is Higgs, on a log by the trail. He’s the perfect dog for scale.


Higgs and his “ups” have come to an end. Here’s to a great Vallhund and an even better friend.

Children’s book to come?

5 thoughts on ““Up!”: Higgs on Things

  1. That post was hugely entertaining!
    (From us there’ll be no complaining.)


  2. Higgs is so lucky
    He’s really very plucky
    He loves to go for a walk
    Too bad he can’t talk
    I love this blog
    With a dog on a log


  3. If you make this into a children’s book, I want a signed copy for my first born.


  4. HI Kelsey, I’m a little behind in reading your blogs. I just now read this one about Higgs. So entertaining. I think Tierney and Elizabeth would like it. And I think Higgs and Caggie would get along great. They both have disproportionately short legs and large heads and bodies — a match made in doggie heaven. We miss you. Love, Clare


  5. That was fun. Sorry that it’s done.


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