Mount Vic

My trip to Christchurch is coming up in a week, so I’ll be posting more frequently. For now, I thought I’d share my weekend exploration of Mount Victoria. “Mount Vic” is both a neighborhood and a hill with amazing views over Wellington. If you see a picture of the city, nine times out of ten it’s taken from the Mount Vic summit.

There are multiple ways up, but I chose the longer, more gradual path, which starts in Newtown and is only about 20 minutes from my flat.


There are many trails to choose from, but of course I was drawn to the one with all the roots. As you can see, you can also drive up Mount Vic, but isn’t wakling always more rewarding?


Many scenes from Lord of the Rings were filmed around Mount Vic, since it’s so close to the city but still wooded enough to function as a convincing Shire.


I really love the trees around here.


Apparently, I’m not the only one, as one of the trees was covered in strange offerings.


Pagans who love disco, perhaps? I tried searching online to see if there was a story behind this particular tree or spot, but nothing came up.


Some people went to great lengths to get their offerings up really high.


I guess it will have to remain a mystery for now.

On to the summit!


It was a cloudy, grey day, but this view never fails to disappoint. It was one of the first places I went with Shalom when I arrived in Wellington.


I’d love to go up here at night sometime to get pictures, so I’ll need to find a buddy for that.

I decided to walk down the other side, as that was a part of Mount Vic I hadn’t previously explored. Like most places in Wellington, the views from these houses are stunning.



Here’s the view looking the other way, towards the Miramar Peninsula and Cook Strait.


That patch of grass in the distance is the Wellington Airport.

I also passed a dilpaidated building (my favorite subject) and had to take some shots.


I wound down the forest trails for longer than I thought possible in the middle of a city.


I finally ended up in Oriental Bay, a very upscale neighborhood with a lovely waterfront and beaches.


I love discovering new corners of this city, like Wellington is divulging its secrets to me alone. It’s exhilarating, and I can’t wait to keep doing it.

Next up, Christchurch and Akaroa for Easter. Can’t wait to go back after almost seven years.

2 thoughts on “Mount Vic

  1. Nice tour, Kelsey. It was good to see a new post!


  2. So many beautiful views in Welly. Thanks for sharing your trip to Mount Vic.


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