Changing Skies of Wellington

I’m making it a point to take more pictures on a daily basis, since lately I seem to only bring my camera along when I go on trips. I don’t want to have huge gaps on this blog, so I decided to compile some shots of Wellington taken from the porch of my house in Brooklyn. I will never, ever get sick of that view. The weather here is even more variable than it is back home in New England, which really says something. Clouds roll in swifly and then disappear within moments. Sunrises and sunsets are almost always phenomenal, like watercolors painted over the harbor. I love observing Wellington from above, illuminated one minute and shrouded the next.


The lighting here was so great, like a spotlight fixed on the city.


Here’s my favorite photo spot. Nothing like being able to walk onto your porch and take in a view like this. Let’s just ignore the fact that the house was built in 1902 and the porch has quite a lean to it.



Although the sun is out of sight from my house, the colors it brings with its descent are always impressive.



I love gazing out at the mountains all around Wellington Harbour.


The harbor itself often reflects the brilliantly colored sky.


The other morning, I awoke to low clouds and bright sunshine streaming over Mount Victoria and illuminating the harbor.



By the time I walked to work, the sun had won the battle and the clouds had disappeared.

Another evening, my roommate and I sat and watched as extremely low clouds rolled in from the sea. They were slightly pink from the sunset, and if it weren’t for their beauty, they would have reminded me of a creepy film like The Mist.




I’m sure I’ll have many more porch shots to share in the coming months. Last night, a nearly full moon reflected off the harbor and Jupiter shone brightly. My roommate who works at the local observatory pointed out all of the visible constellations to the rest of us. I’d love to get some night sky shots, so I hope to do that next time I’m out of the city. We’ll just have to see what the future holds, and whatever that may be, I know I’ll have a camera in hand.

4 thoughts on “Changing Skies of Wellington

  1. You are so lucky to have that view. Great pictures, and you didn’t even have to leave your house.


    1. Can’t argue with that. I hit the lottery with this house.


  2. It’s a ever-changing world. Love all the shots from the same vantage point. Clever girl.


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