To Anakiwa… and Beyond!

Now, back to that amazing water…


I chose the shores of Davis Bay for my lunch spot as I traversed the last portion of the Queen Charlotte Track. I was glad I had left Lochmara with time to spare so I could spend about an hour wandering around here and enjoying the sunshine and turquoise ocean.


No, this color is not a trick of Lightroom editing. Davis Bay is really just beautiful beyond belief. This spot was made all the more appealing by the fact that there were very few people around.


I did see some kids, who couldn’t have been more than 10, driving their own small boats. Yikes. Besides that, the water was pretty much undisturbed.





I had noticed an incredible number of jellyfish while eating my lunch, so I decided to get a closer look.



They were wonderful to observe from the safety of land. I know some of the jellyfish here don’t sting, but I’d rather not experiment after the nasty experience I had with one in Costa Rica when I was younger.

I reluctantly left Davis Bay behind, stopping for one last picture at another secluded beach along the way.


Before I knew it, I was nearing the end of the track.


Posts like this were scattered all along the track at random intervals, and I must admit it was nice seeing the kilometers go down and knowing the progress I’d made.

Soon, the trees gave way and I was in the small town of Anakiwa at the end of the Queen Charlotte Track.


I was a couple hours ahead of schedule for my water taxi, but I didn’t mind having to hang out in this spot one bit.


What a picture-perfect setting for some relaxation after a long few days of hiking.


The dock couldn’t have been more photogenic.


Hey there, Shadow Kelsey.


I began to nod off as I sat by the water, so I decided to get a flat white at a nearby cafe truck. Not only was there a Border Collie waiting in line with its family, the cafe owners had a PIGLET! It was rooting around in the loose gravel and completely oblivious to all the fuss it was causing by being so damn adorable.


The owner saw me trying to get a photo and held him up for me.


I think I might just move to Anakiwa.

My water taxi came and we made the quick journey back to Picton, where I had some more time to spare. I got some good ol’ fried Kiwi fare at a Fish n Chips shop and made use of the town’s free WiFi. When it came time to board the ferry, I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones, which meant I got to choose any window seat I wanted.


What better way to enjoy the ride back to Wellington?

The sunset wasn’t too bad, either.


Just as we were leaving the South Island sounds, the sky really lit up. What a great way to end an amazing long weekend.




Photo or watercolor painting?

We got into Wellington just after 11:00 pm and everyone tiredly shuffled offboard. I’m looking forward to my next journey to the South Island when I fly to Christchurch for Easter. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to share some of my adventures around town.

6 thoughts on “To Anakiwa… and Beyond!

  1. An amazing trip with so much beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


    1. Thanks for inspiring me to travel from a young age. 🙂


  2. All that gorgeous scenery and a piglet to boot! Damn near perfect.


    1. If heaven exists, mine would closely resemble this place.


  3. beautiful pictures ..


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