Fish & Chips: A Quest

I’ve been getting settled into my new place this week, so this post will cover last weekend. On Sunday, Sam, Shalom, and I went on a journey to the Kapiti Coast, a region with great beaches just under an hour from Wellington. Besides the beach, our main objective was to find and consume a massive amount of fish and chips. Ok, mostly that was my idea, but they were game. New Zealand does fish and chips like no one else, piping hot and wrapped in newspaper to preserve all of its greasy glory. It proved a little trickier than it should have been near the coast. We found every fast food joint from Wendy’s (they have it here!) to Subway, but had to do quite a few U-turns before finding a place that sold fish and chips. Of course, I was too busy eating said fish and chips to take a picture of my meal, but when my hands weren’t dripping with grease, I got some other shots.

Part of our walk along the coast
New Zealand in a nutshell
New Zealand in a nutshell

As we took a walk along the coast and then looped back inland to balance out our fish and chips gluttony, we passed by some amazing scenery. Apparently, some shots from the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in Return of the King were shot here, but it was hard to say where.

A post with posts
Maybe an Ent?
Maybe an Ent?

It got a little hot walking inland, since it’s always hard to dress appropriately for the weather in Wellington because of the wind. You put on layers to protect you, but when you’re sheltered from the strong gusts, you end up overheating.

Lonely windswept tree along our path
Lonely windswept tree along our path
Love this tree
Love this tree

On the drive home, Sam took us to a great lookout spot where we could see the Kapiti Coast from above.

Kapiti Coast, with Kapiti Island on the left

Looking in the other direction, we could see the mountains of the South Island poking up over the horizon. The Cook Strait, between the North and South Island, is only 14 miles wide at its narrowest point, which I didn’t realize.

South Island in the distance
South Island in the distance
The South Island... near yet so far
The South Island… near yet so far

We took a country road back to Wellington that wound through hills and endless fields of sheep and cows. I was very thankful to have a Kiwi at the wheel, because the tight turns and cliff faces would’ve turned into a slow drive and a line of angry cars behind me if I was driving.

Don't look down
Don’t look down

Next up, I’ll be posting some pictures from my walk to Mount Victoria, where some scenes from Lord of the Rings were shot. I can’t believe how much Wellington has to offer!

5 thoughts on “Fish & Chips: A Quest

  1. Suddenly I’m hungry for fish and chips. Great imagery and photos.


  2. Glad you liked it. I wish I could mail some tasty feesh to you.


  3. Hey Kelsey – whether or not you realize it, you’re helping me virtually scout out places we plan to go next visit AND where we might invest as well… assuming you went thru Porirua to get to Kapiti Coast – what was your impression of the town??? We’re trying to find “Georgetown, TX” in NZ LOL. It’s HARD to do!!!


  4. Love your blog! ALL posts are amazing. You have a great perspective. In your travels around Welly… if you happen to find a town that’s “a lot like: Georgetown TX” (aka, vibrant old town square) – please ping me. I know they do ‘strands’ rather than ‘squares’ downunder but we’re looking for a similar feel in NZ. Like a walkable old downtown in New England as well. Did you go thru Porirua on your way to Kapiti Coast? If so, what was your impression of Porirua?


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad I can help. We only drove through Porirua briefly, but it seems like a nice town with lovely beaches and seems to be growing pretty quickly. A lot of people like to move out of Wellington to that area for an escape from the city, although Wellington is hardly a “big” city by U.S. standards. I’ll let you know if anything else comes to mind!


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