Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November!

Last night, Wellington was kind enough to set off some fireworks for my arrival! Alright, they were actually for Guy Fawkes Day, but a girl can dream. Shalom and I went up to the Botanical Gardens for a great view of the city and harbor.


There were quite a few fireworks going off before the main show, and people have been setting them off throughout the past week, much to the dismay of Shalom’s cat.

Then, the real show began!



The fireworks themselves were great, especially from such an amazing vantage point. However, the best part of the show was the running narrative provided by a little girl seated near us. The Kiwi accent just makes any little kid sound infinitely cuter than they already would. “THAT one is my favorite! The rainbow one!”


“That one is also my favorite! And that one is my favorite!” as each firework exploded in all its glory. She especially liked the smiley face ones. The best comment of all was when she asked her dad, “What happens if they hit the stars?!” I can see myself having asked something similar at her age, if I wasn’t terrified of ground-shaking loud noises at the time. Kids are the best.



I also got some practice using my new camera at night. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the shots came out. These past few days have been a perfect introduction to Wellington!


Shalom and I are going to take a walk on the beach in a little bit, and I have a couple apartments to look at this afternoon. Fingers crossed that I find something good! More on that soon.

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